LEAH Annual Conference in Rochester, NY this May

For those of you in New York State, this year’s upstate LEAH Home Education Conference will be held May 29-31 right here in Rochester. LEAH (Loving Education at Home) is an organization that supports conservative Protestant homeschoolers in New York State through education, information, conferences, and the formation of local support groups. In the past, their annual conference has been held at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. I attended the conference a couple years ago, and it was most informative. I learned a lot about homeschooling from a conservative Protestant perspective, and the trade show proved to be a wonderful opportunity to find new materials for our homeschooling collection. I even saw some of our library patrons there. Even if you aren’t local to Rochester, there are probably some homeschooling gatherings going on somewhere near you, and attending them can be a wonderful learning experience.

Here are a couple links to get you started:

* 2008 Homeschool Calendar of Events on A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

* Home Education Magazine‘s Homeschool Conferences Calendar

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