Anatomy of a Curriculum Kit, Part 4: Processing and Circulating Kits

When I talk about curriculum kits, I get a lot of questions from librarians about how to process and circulate them. The best way to handle these issues is going to vary widely from situation to situation, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. That said, I’ll tell you some things I thought were imporant as we made decisions about processing at WPL:

1. Make the loan period for the kits at least as long as the loan period for books. The temptation is to give the kits a shorter loan period, one that might be more in line with the AV materials in the kit, but the kits contain a great deal of information and will take a family time to get through. If I could, I would make the standard loan period for these six weeks.

2. Make sure the packaging is up to the job. We’re using the hanging bags from Janway that you see in the photo for our kits. They’re working out so far, but there is A LOT of weight in those bags. Sometimes I wish we had put them in clear plastic boxes, but I think the expense and amount of room they would have taken up would have been prohibitive.

3. Put a label on the kit that clearly lists each item in the kit in a large font. If you want to keep the kits complete, you should make it as easy as possible for patrons and staff to figure out what’s supposed to be in them.

4. Think of the patrons who will be searching for the kits when you create titles and catalog records. We titled all of our kits “Subject Kit–X,” so that when patrons do a title search on “Subject Kit,” they’ll wind up with an alphabetical listing of all the subject kits. We also created a couple of brochures patrons can access in print or electronically, one that lists just the titles/grade levels, and one that lists all the contents of every kit.

If that doesn’t answer all of your burning questions, feel free to post a question or two in the comments. I’ll be happy to respond.

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