“A Clean Well-Lighted Place”

If you want to let your homeschooling population know that you’re serious about reaching out to them and serving their needs, I highly recommend creating a homeschooling section somewhere in your library. It can be a whole room like the Johnsburg Public Library District’s Homeschool Resource Center, or it can be something small, even one shelf. At the Webster Public Library, we set aside one range of shelving for homeschooling materials. It’s a subset of our parenting section in the Children’s Room and contains:

-Books about homeschooling children up through grade 5.
-Handouts of particular interest to homeschoolers, including one handout of laws that apply to homeschoolers in New York State and a handout produced by LEAH that gives additional information about these laws.
-Our reference collection of catalogs for companies that sell materials of potential interest to homeschoolers.

We should also have an up-do-date listing of local support groups and organizations, but, at the moment, we don’t. This is a good reminder for me that I need to update our existing list, make copies, and get them out there. Information about local organizations can be a life-saver for people new to homeschooling.

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7 Comments on ““A Clean Well-Lighted Place””

  1. Debra Ross Says:

    Adrienne, here’s a list to get you started. Please let me know if you encounter any others!


  2. Becky Says:

    What a delightful prospect!

    Happy New Year, by the way, Adrienne :)

  3. adrienne Says:

    Thanks, Becky! Happy new year to you, too! :)

  4. Kate Says:

    Hey Adrienne,

    I’m holding a copy of Helping Homeschoolers in the Library in my hot little hands! Congrats on finishing the book. I can’t wait to read it!!

  5. adrienne Says:

    Kate, how exciting! I wasn’t sure if they were shipping yet, and I’m glad to know they are. I hope you find it useful (and enjoyable!).

  6. Kate Says:

    I can’t tell you how helpful it’s been already…I’m about 50 pages in and am already feeling excited about the possibilities for our small homeschooling collection. Also, thanks for the great primer on the background of homeschooling at the beginning of the book. Now I feel like I can understand where our homeschooling patrons are coming from!!! Thanks again

  7. adrienne Says:

    Thank you! My goal was to write something that would be interesting and truly helpful to librarians on the front lines, and I think that with homeschoolers, there are a lot of easy, low-cost things libraries can do to make a difference. Homeschoolers are usually just so pleased to know that the library is thinking about them and considering their needs; so many other institutions don’t, although that’s changing more as homeschooling has become more mainstream.

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