Subject Kits for Homeschoolers

I did a presentation on homeschooling at the New York Library Association Conference in Buffalo yesterday, and one thing that came up are the subject kits we created as part of our 2005-2007 NYS Parent and Child Services Grant. Several people were interested in a listing of the kits we created along with the contents of each kit, so I’m posting it here in PDF format. The beautiful thing about these kits is that they’re popular with homeschoolers, parents of children in institutional schools, and teachers–so they circulate a lot. I think they’re an excellent investment.

If any of you are visiting from the conference, welcome! I appreciated how many of you were willing to come out and listen to me so early on a Friday morning.

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3 Comments on “Subject Kits for Homeschoolers”

  1. Dot Says:


    I was wondering if you thought about putting your powerpoint presentation on this site. If not that is okay also. I just can’t find my notes with some of the titles of the books you talked about and I would love to add them to my collection.


  2. Adrienne Says:

    Sure! I just posted it. I was planning to do so, but then I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. I’m glad to know someone is!

  3. A great deal of the sites that you will uncover dealing with this topic are very knowledgeable, while many aren’t.

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