Jesus Camp

I finally watched the Academy Award nominated documentary Jesus Camp a couple weeks ago. Aside from the fact that the film was up for an Oscar, I was interested in it because I’d heard that a couple of the children featured are homeschooled. Overall, the film was a touch overlong and doesn’t say much about homeschooling, but it does give some — I thought respectful — insight into the lives and beliefs of some conservative Protestants. It didn’t win the Oscar, but I thought it was well worth watching. Consider it recommended.

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One Comment on “Jesus Camp

  1. Rev. Spitz Says:

    The worldly forces are condemning Jesus Camp, but that is their nature to hate anything having to do with the real Jesus Christ. I would have no problem sending my children to a camp like that. Actually it was no big deal, almost like being in church on most Sundays.

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