Interview with Kristin Madden, Part 4

Adrienne: I have a close friend who became a Pagan many years ago now. Since I’ve become more aware of Paganism, I’m continually shocked at how much people misunderstand it and how much my friend has to worry about how people are going to react to her faith. Your Peace Kids group sounds like a positive step in the right direction.

As librarians, one of our primary interests is trying to collect resources that serve the needs of the different segments of our communities. Do you have any recommendations for youth services librarians who might be interested in trying to collect resources to serve Pagan homeschoolers or even non-homeschoolers? (Your book is an obvious answer, of course!) I feel like these resources might be a little harder to find.

Kristin: We use a great many resources that are not Pagan-specific. Myths and legends from a variety of cultures are very popular teaching tools among Pagans. But some of the resources that are difficult to find are books on rites of passage, various Pagan paths and holidays, alternative healing methods, and crafts with a spiritual focus. Field guides and books on edible/medicinal plants of the area are always appreciated. This is a list of some of the better resources I have found.


* Casting the Circle (1990) Diane Stein. Crossing Press

* Beck, Renee & Metrick, Sydney Barbara (1990) The Art of Ritual. Celestial Arts.

* Cahill, Sedonia & Halpern, Joshua (1990) Ceremonial Circle. HarperSanFrancisco.

* Orr, Emma Restall (2000) Ritual: A Guide to Life, Love & Inspiration. Thorsons.


* Madden, Kristin (2002) The Book of Shamanic Healing. Llewellyn

* Madden, Kristin (revised edition, 2005) Shamanic Guide to Death and Dying. Spilled Candy Books

* Buhner, Stephen (1996) Sacred Plant Medicine. Raven Press.

* Cowan, Eliot (1995) Plant Spirit Medicine. Swan/Raven & Co.

* Harvey, Clare & Cochrane, Amanda (1999) The Healing Spirit of Plants. Sterling Publications.

* Brennan, Barbara (1988) Hands of Light. Bantam.

* Melody (1995) Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals. Earth-Love Publishing.

* Raphaell, Katrina (1987) Crystal Healing. Aurora Press.

 Crafts, Holidays, and Spirituality for Families

* Madden, Kristin and Liz Robert (2005) Magickal Crafts. New Page Books.

* Madden, Kristin (revised edition, 2004) Pagan Parenting. Spilled Candy Books

* Johnson, Cait and Maura Shaw (1995) Celebrating the Great Mother. Destiny Books.

* Campanelli, Pauline (1997) Wheel of the Year. Llewellyn.

* Tedder, Lorna and Shannon Bailey (2000) Gifts for the Goddess on a Hot Summer’s Night. Spilled Candy Books.

* Tedder, Lorna and Aislinn Bailey (2000) Gifts for the Goddess on an Autumn Afternoon. Spilled Candy Books.

* Llewellyn’s Sabbat series, various authors

Pagan Paths

* Adler, Margot (1997) Drawing Down the Moon. Penguin

* Harvey, Graham (1997) Contemporary Paganism. New York University Press.

* Madden, Kristin, Starhawk, et al (2005) Exploring the Pagan Path. New Page Books.

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