Interview with Kristin Madden, Part 1

Paganism is a largely misunderstood religion in the United States. A lot of people are unaware of the Pagans in their own communities, partially because Pagans often choose to maintain a low profile to avoid confrontation. Thus, their numbers become underreported and they wind up underserved by institutions like public libraries. A lot of homeschoolers talk about facing these same sorts of issues, so I was doubly intrigued when I first came across Kristin Madden’s book, Pagan Homeschooling. After reading some more, I decided to ask Kristin – an active writer, speaker, teacher, and homeschooling mom – for an interview. I was thrilled when she said yes. I hope you’ll find her thoughts as interesting and compelling as I have. Here goes:

Adrienne: We’ll start with my standard question: how did you get started in homeschooling?

Kristin: I didn’t originally intend to homeschool. When we moved to New Mexico from Connecticut, I knew that the school system was poor and expected that we might do private schools. While I was working as a field biologist, my son spent 2-3 days in first one daycare center and then what was supposedly the “best” daycare facility in the city.  We had ongoing problems with neglect and violence. The last straw was an incident in which the teacher sat by and watched much older children push and punch my then four-year-old son. Fortunately, I happened to be there when it happened, and I pulled my son out of the center immediately.

He was too young for kindergarten, so I decided to explore the homeschool community, the regulations, and what was written/what families said about the pros and cons. I chose to give it a year and see how things went. And we both loved it. We found an active and diverse community that focused on the best interests of their children. We discovered clubs and activity groups and classes that eliminated any fears I had regarding socialization. And we found that he responded extremely well to learning at home.

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