Coming Soon to a Homeschooling Blog Near You…

Hi Friends!

Thanks to a lot of folks linking to me lately, I notice that I’m getting more visitors these days. Welcome!

I haven’t posted in a few days, but I’ve been busy, busy with the homeschooling work and thought I’d give you a preview of what I’m hoping to post over the next couple weeks.

First will be a multi-part interview with homeschooling mom and active writer and speaker Kristin Madden. Kristin’s book Pagan Homeschooling is the only one of its kind, and  I think you’ll  be as interested as I was in her thoughts on homeschooling as well as her recommended list of titles for libraries serving Pagan communities. (Think you aren’t serving a Pagan community? Look into it: you might be surprised.)

Also coming soon will be a multi-part interview with Catherine Arnott Smith, Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I first encountered Catherine when I read her letter in response to “In a Class of Their Own” by Ann Slattery in SLJ. I made a note to ask her for an interview and was thrilled when she contacted me a few weeks ago when she found this blog.

Then there is that tower of books I plan to review sometime soon. Perhaps I should get busy….

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