The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book by Guy Bailey

Bailey, Guy. The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book. Camas, WA: Educators Press, 2003.

To a non-athlete such as myself, teaching physical education in a homeschool setting has always seemed like a no-brainer: it’s easy enough to tell the kids to go outside and play or enroll them in something along the lines of a soccer league or swimming lessons. The Ultimate Homeschool Physcial Education Game Book by Guy Bailey helped me see things from a different perspective.

In his introductory material, Bailey makes the important points that kids learn best when they are actively engaged and that they need to have successful experiences if they’re going to make physical activities a regular part of their lives. To this end, Bailey offers a number of games designed for small groups (even just a couple children) that require minimal equipment and build the skills needed to participate in other activities. The chapter on basketball, for instance, includes games that focus on skills like passing, dribbling, and shooting. Other chapters cover skills associated with football, soccer, softball, and racquet/net games. Additional chapters include games that build skills needed for non-team sports such as golf and jump roping. All of Bailey’s games encourage kids to be actively engaged 100% of the time, and his supporting matter offers modifications based on age level, skill, and number of players.

Bailey’s approach is very mind/body, emphasizing the ways physical fitness contributes to overall learning and the ability to live a healthy and productive life. He provides physical learning objectives for each of his games, but creative and experienced homeschoolers will see the opportunity to practice math skills in scorekeeping and ways to easily tie in lessons about things like anatomy, physiology, and the laws of motion. Bailey’s 2-player “True and False” game provides a kinesthetic way to reinforce recently learned facts. And, as Bailey notes, games encourage social and character development as participants learn to work to build skills, cooperate, and win or lose with grace.

A professional physical education teacher, Bailey confesses that his work with small groups of homeschoolers has changed the way he approaches teaching classes in institutional settings, and one can see where this book would be of interest to other teachers. This book would be of some interest to any open-minded person who works with groups of children, especially in recreational settings. This unique and informative resource belongs in most homeschooling collections.

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